Plastic Free July Day 20

Plastic Free July Day 20: Make your own yogurt | Cellist Goes Green

Making your own yogurt is another simple switch you can make.  We get our milk in returnable glass bottles, so making our own yogurt cuts down on a lot of packaging.  And yogurt is really good for you--it's a fermented food, and incorporating fermented foods into your diet has tons of benefits for your digestive health.  If you are curious about fermenting, I would check out Michael Pollan's book Cooked (which has a whole section on fermentation), and look at the Zero Waste Chef's blog.

Anyway, you do not need a yogurt maker to make your own yogurt--you can just as easily make it on the stove in a pan, and there is very little hands on time.  I follow Martha Stewart's instructions (there are only 4 simple steps!).

If you aren't familiar with Plastic Free July, take a look at this post.  Basically, it's a month-long challenge to reduce the amount of disposable plastic you use.  It's a great starting point if you just want to give cutting out disposable plastic a try.
My first Plastic Free July was in 2013(!), and this month I'd like to highlight some of the things I do to reduce my plastic use, and some struggles.  Many things are part of my routine at this point (buying in bulk, refusing plastic silverware, etc.), but I am not perfect, and I always find this challenge to be a good time to refocus and look at what trash I am actually producing.