Happy Plastic Free July!

This is my FIFTH Plastic Free July!  Four years ago, in 2013, I decided to participate in my first Plastic Free July, and for the first time, really started to think about the trash I produced on a regular basis.

Whether you want to start small, or make big changes, there are plenty of ways to reduce your disposable plastic footprint this month.

Avoiding Plastic On the Go | Cellist Goes Green

On the go

I keep these in my tote bag at all times to avoid unwanted surprise plastic when I'm out and about.

Water bottle
Stay hydrated everyone!

Cloth napkin
Good for using as a napkin, or wrapping baked goods from the store. Or when someone brings food to work, and you don't want to use a plastic plate.

Metal spork
This has helped me avoid so many plastic utensils.  Get one here.

Tiny, collapsible shopping bag
I plan my shopping trips to the bulk store, but if I have to pick up broccoli or peaches quickly at the local grocery store, I keep this with me to avoid paper or plastic bags.

Stainless steel tiffin
Good for bringing homemade lunches to work, or bringing restaurant leftovers home.  Find one here.

Other ways I avoid plastic on the go:

Say no to plastic straws.
Whenever I'm eating out, I always ask for no straw.  If you really like drinking from straws, you can also bring your own glass or stainless one.

Drink my coffee or tea in the cafe.
I usually have my morning tea or coffee at home, or if I'm in a rush I will pour it into a stainless steel thermos, but sometimes I'll grab coffee or tea with my husband or friends out.  For those times, I would rather linger in the cafe with a real mug.

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This post includes affiliate links to Life Without Plastic, a company whose mission of providing ethical, plastic-free products I fully support.