A listing of some products that can help you avoid disposable items.  Be sure to look at what you have at home already, too!  The thrift store can also be a great resource.  The products I've listed here are well-made, and are created by small businesses, and not in sweatshops.  And their purpose is to prevent the creation of more waste.


Life Without Plastic


Kaufmann Mercantile (some of their products are very expensive, but if you are looking for a smaller item, they have some very well made, ethical things)

Ravelry (a site for knitting patterns, if you are so inclined.  My sister knitted me some dishcloths!)

On the Go

Stainless Steel Folding Spork

Stainless Steel Plate

Glass Straw

Portable shopping bag


Aquarian Bath
Shampoo Bars, Bar Soap

Safety Razor

Simmons Natural
Shaving Soap

RMS Beauty
Makeup in recyclable glass containers with minimal ingredients


Eco Bags
Organic cotton shopping bags, produce bags and bags for bulk bins

Chemex Coffee Maker

Reusable Chemex Filters


Natural Wood and Rubber Lint Brush (works wonders for getting cat hair off of black performance clothes :)

Organic cotton hankies



Just a note: I do participate in the Life Without Plastic affiliate program (so I earn a very small commission off of certain product I link to here and in some posts).  They are a wonderful company whose values and mission I support fully.  Using what you have or buying used is always the best first choice, but it can also be good to support small businesses and individuals who are producing ethical and well-made products.