There are so many amazing people who are writing about sustainable, less-wasteful living!  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but I wanted to share some of the great things others are doing, in hopes it is helpful and inspirational.

Websites and Blogs

Beth Terry's My Plastic-Free Life
Beth Terry is the guru of plastic-free living.  She has tons of great resources on her site to help you find plastic-free alternatives to everyday items.  Definitely take a look around her blog!  She also published a book, Life Plastic Free: How I Kicked the Habit and How You Can Too, which I highly recommend.

Zero Waste Home
Bea Johnson has a lot of great information on bulk shopping, reducing waste and clutter and sustainable living.  She also wrote a book with tons of information and suggestions for zero-waste living, and she created the fantastic Bulk app that will help you find bulk stores in your area.

The Zero Waste Chef
She has some great ideas for reducing waste in the kitchen, and a whole bunch of tasty recipes.  Her blog is also a wealth of information about sourdough and fermenting.

Plastic Free Tuesday
This blog is dedicated to going one day a week without consuming any disposable plastic.  Lots of good ideas and support.

A blog (in English) about living a zero waste lifestyle in Paris.

Treading My Own Path
Lindsay's blog focuses on reducing waste and simple, sustainable living.

Plastic is Rubbish
A U.K.-based blog, which has a HUGE compilation of plastic-free resources.

Trash is for Tossers
A New York-based zero-waste blogger.

Books and Films

Bag It!
An inspiring documentary that looks at plastic and plastic pollution, as told by a "regular guy" as he pledges to stop using plastic bags.

Life Plastic Free: How I Kicked the Habit and How You Can Too by Beth Terry
See above.  Beth Terry's fantastic book about going plastic-free.

Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson
See above.  Tons of great resources and ideas.

Cooked, The Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan
Pollan's books explore the history of the food we eat, how and why we prepare it and the American food industry.  Cooked is now also a mini-series on Netflix!

Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss
A look into America's food industry, and the ways in which processed food is made so addictive to consumers.

The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard
A look into the garbage we produce and the problems with our consumerist culture.  The author also has several short movies on her website.

Plastic-Free Challenges

Need an excuse to try out plastic-free living?  Try one of these challenges, and see if it works for you!

Plastic Free July
The most well-known plastic free challenge, which runs the entire month of July.  Choose from refusing the "top 4" disposable plastic items--straws, plastic bags, plastic bottles and coffee cup lids.  And if you are ready for more of a challenge, you can choose to forgo all single-use plastic for the month.

Zero Plastic Week
A challenge that runs for one week in June.  The goal?  To use no new single-use plastic for one week!

Zero Waste Week
A week-long challenge in September to reduce the waste we produce.  2016's theme is reducing food waste.

Plastic Free Tuesday
(See above)